Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Our new year started off with a very exciting party for Chris, as he turned 30 on January 1st! His parents hosted a New Years Eve/birthday party in their newly renovated home and many out-of-town friends and family even flew in for the event. Barbara & Paul were the perfect hosts as always, and Betsey & Matthew helped with everything from invitations to playing bartender to ordering Chris' favorite petit fours! As my Mom and I always say, I truly won the "In-Law Lottery"- my Kulinski-Faga family is amazing and I am so lucky to have them in my lives. Grandpa Faga & Aunt Nina flew in, as well as Chris' newlywed Uncle Rob & Aunt Denise. Cousin Donna and her husband Michael came up from Florida to play chef/bartender mixing up delicious pomegranate margaritas, a chocolate fountain, bacon wrapped dates, homemade cannolis and much more. Our dear friend Kempton stayed 4 extra days in Atlanta so he could attend the party before flying home...and our friends Dominic & Alexis (who recently got engaged!!) flew down just to be here for the party and spend Chris' bday with him. You know you have true friends when they fly down for 29 hours just to help you celebrate turning 30!

The next morning we had a birthday brunch at our new house...and by "had" a brunch I mean to say "Our friends Tiffany and Karen cooked and baked their hearts out and then came over with all this delicious food and we only had to roll out of bed and walk downstairs!"
Geez, we have awesome friends.

So we would like to wish all our dear family & friends a Healthy Happy 2008.
May it be one of the best years yet!
Our love,
Caroline & Chris


Marianne Van Name said...


I was so happy to receive a link to your blog from Beth. I think about you more than you can imagine. I have a dear friend, closer to my age that has had MS since she was 19. Her diagnosis was only confirmed 7 years ago at age 42. Every time I see her, I wonder how you are doing. I enjoyed reading about Chris's birthday celebration. You may think that you have some amazing friends, but I am of the opinion that you get what you give. I still hold as my gold standard the mani/pedi event you did for Beth. That evening made my 2007 highlight film! In reading your entry after Christmas, I am humbled by your positive grip on a very frustrating series of exaberations. (what a word!) I look forward to the day that you and Chris, Adam and Beth can join Paul and I for an evening of mirth! I am a patient person. When you let me know that the time is right, we will plan a fun evening. I am not savvy enough to have a blog. So if you feel motivated, email me at
There is something so energizing about being in your presence. I hope I have another opportunity this year. What a gift you are to all those in your circle.
... Marianne Van Name

Renee said...

happy birthday, chris and happy 2008 to you both!

lots of love,