Sunday, August 31, 2008


A quick update to let everyone know I had a minor blip on the MS radar this weekend...

Had an appt at Shepherd Spinal Center on Thursday to discuss my recent increase in nerve pain and spasticity. My team of doctors/nurses felt this change was most likely due to minor inflammation in my brain. This was possibly brought about by my recent sinus infection (infection is a very common trigger of MS relapse/exacerbation/episodes). They wouldn't call it a "relapse" so I am going with "quasi-relapse". :-)

Long story short I started Solu-Medrol (IV steroid infusion) on Friday, completed Day Two yesterday and completed final dose this afternoon. Whew! So happy to have it over with. I am feeling a little crappy today, no doubt from the massive amounts of meds being pumped into my veins for 3 days. But hopefully this will help get my pain levels back to normal and manageable. 

We are so blessed with so many people who look out for us, send us happy thoughts...on the Good Days and the Bad Days and all the days in between. It means more than you could ever know. 
I have LOTS of new blog posts in the works, but am understandably behind after this weekend. But look for more from me very soon. 

My love always, 

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