Thursday, April 17, 2008

Less than 48 hours to go...

until Walk Day!
I am so excited and pumped about all the money team Wearing Red Shoes has raised and I cannot wait to celebrate with everyone on Saturday! As of today, we have raised over $12,800!!! Holy cow!
I can hardly even believe how wonderfully generous people are. It amazes me.
Sunday we hosted our Red Shoe Spraying party and everyone's sneakers look Awesome. (Yes, Van...yours still look the best!)

It is supposed to rain Saturday morning, but the walk is Rain Or Shine so we will just be Singin and Walkin In the Rain.
Hmmm I hope that red spray paint was waterproof...otherwise we might leave a red paint trail in our wake!

Oh and our dear friends Casey & Jeff Banta in NC started their own MS fundraising team for the walk up there!
Their team name is Red Shoes Too! How cool is that? We are going national!!!!

Alright, signing off for now, BUT tomorrow I will be telling the story of how the name "Wearing Red Shoes" came to be...
So tune in tomorrow!

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Casey said...

Congrats on the fundraising! Way to go, Wearing Red Shoes!! We hope you all enjoy yourselves at the walk.

We'll party soon - our walk is May 3rd...we'll have to find our red shoes...

Casey and Jeff