Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ways to give

I have been so bad about blogging this month!
The heat is really hard on us MSers. I won't bore you with the ugly details but I have been a little under the weather this week. Today was better, it was a little cooler. But man am I dreading August right about now....Ugh.

So while summer brings heat, humidity, pool parties and other things it also brings....My Birthday. Yes, I am using my blog to remind everyone of my birthday (July 19th...did you write it down?) but really I bring it up because I would like to address a more serious issue:

I do not need presents.
Cards, yes. I need cards.
I am truly a kid at Christmas every time I go to the mailbox in the month of July. I admit it. Call me crazy. I am a card addict. I have a problem. There should be a support group! So yes, please feel free to send cards. :-D
But back to presents- I don't need anything. Really.

However, if you would like to buy Yourself or Someone Else you know a fabulous present in honor of my birthday...well, now that would be a swell idea! And do I have some ideas for such presents? Well of course I do!

For the dog lovers in your life we have a Dog Toy for MS!

For the women in your life (or men, I don't judge!) we have Earrings for MS!

Hey, its summer- the sun is bright and sometimes you need to protect the eyes and/or the head when you're out and about...Hats for MS!
(this site also has shirts, mugs and more - links are on the left-hand side)

For anyone and everyone: Magnets, Mugs, Mousepads and more for MS!
(this zazzle site is great - a lot of the products are designed by the daughter of an MSer, including the items with the ballerina with...wait for shoes on!!! I have already purchased red shoe stamps. You will be seeing them from me soon!)

So this year treat yourself to one of the fabulous products...send one to a friend...send one to your great aunt myrtle...then just send me a nice Hallmark and tell me what you bought and who you gave it to.

I can think of no better birthday present than a bunch of cards plastered all over my kitchen telling me about the MS gifts given to people everywhere in honor of my birthday!!

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