Friday, May 30, 2008

I am woman

I like women. I like them as much as or more than I like almost anybody.

But the women I like best aren't always strong, and they're certainly not invincible. They're creative, they're idiosyncratic and they're around if you need them. They complain, they console, and the can shop their way through virtually any crisis.

They know how to raise hell and they know how to raise children. They can spot a scam, a lousy doctor and a crummy boyfriend in under 10 seconds. They've perfected the withering stare that makes a nasty salesperson, flight attendant or coworker fold like an origami swan.

My favorite women may feel bad about their necks but they feel pretty damn good about their legs. They've never met a carbohydrate they didn't want to have a close personal relationship with. They brake for sex, sleep and solitude, cashmere and caffeine.

They've got nerves of steel, the courage of their convictions and excellent footwear. They're sugar and spice and everything I aspire to. They remain cautiously optimistic.

We are strong, and when one of us isn't feeling all that invincible, the other will take the wheel.
We are women.

- Lisa Kogan

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