Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary

It was a year ago that I heard those fateful words, "You have MS."
Some people might find it strange to "celebrate" such a day.
But I celebrate the fact that despite living with an incurable degenerative disease, I still find so many ways to enjoy life and to hopefully bring joy to others.

I celebrate because in spite of my recent relapse I have what my doctors deem a "stable" MRI and no new permanent damage.

I celebrate that I have found ways to help other people living with MS and raising awareness and money towards someday finding a cure.

My vision certainly isn't what it used to be...and maybe I have balance problems and days where I can't walk straight. I am in pain a lot more than I wish to be and numbness in my feet and hands makes for many clumsy days.
But looking at the big picture I consider myself very lucky to be doing as well as I am. There are many people who have far worse burdens to bear than mine. There are people who have to face this disease or other horrific diseases without the amazing support of family and friends like mine.

So to all my faithful readers out there (all 7 of you...Hi Mom!) Thank You for letting me put my thoughts and fears and joys and sadness out into cyberspace and for following me on this wacky journey. The adventure is only beginning and there are many more ways to help and to fight and laugh along the way. Thank you all for being my traveling companions as I walk down my own yellow brick road of life...wearing my red shoes!
Much love,

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