Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Celebrity Sighting

In my last post about going back to school I mentioned Zoe Koplowitz. I had planned on going back after the fact and adding the link to her website so people could read about her. But then of course I forgot to do it (typical blonde-MS-brain!) But THEN fate stepped in, not only reminding me, but warranting an entirely new blog post! 

A couple of months ago my mom and I attended a Wellness Expo hosted by the NMSS and Zoe was the guest speaker. I have heard a lot of speakers at various things over the years, but she reigned over them all. She was the perfect mix of sincerity and sarcasm, humor and hope. She had everyone laughing and crying at the same time (“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion!”) So of course I bought her book “The Winning Spirit: Life Lessons Learned in Last Place”. 

You see, Zoe holds the Guiness Book World Record for the World’s Slowest Marathoner. This November will be her 20th New York City Marathon...and she has completed every single one with the MonSter on her back.

So after my “Just Do It” post, I emailed Zoe to share my blog with her and thank her for inspiring me to go back to school. And I thanked her for being such a great role model for MSers, too. 

So, Chris and fly to NY for Dom & Alexis’ wedding (more on that later) and we have to take the train out of Penn Station to get to Long Island for the festivities. So it is Friday afternoon in Penn Station and as on most afternoons, I am dragging…and not just my rolling luggage behind me…my spoons are depleting rapidly. So when I spot a Starbucks I am thrilled at the prospect of a caffeine jolt to carry my through until I can get a nap in. Then I realize...standing in the line behind me, decked out in a gorgeous purple top, with equally fabulous jewelry and her signature magenta cane….is Zoe! I alsmot fainted right there in Penn Station. I mean, what are the chances?!? I walked right over, stuck my hand out and introduced myself, 

“Hi, Zoe. My name is Caroline Kulinski. I heard you speak in Atlanta this summer and you probably don't remember me, but I actually emailed you recently to thank you for inspiring me to go back to college.” 

“Oh My Goodness! Of course I remember you! That was the sweetest email I have ever read. I cried when I read it! ”

Then she told me that it was her 60th birthday that very day and she and her best friend were headed out to celebrate. I hugged her, and thanked her for everything and wished her happy birthday and told her I would email her again soon.

So check out my friend Zoe’s website:

I should have known that Zoe and I were fated to meet again…In her book, she recounts the story of her very first NYC marathon back in 1988. As she crosses the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to start the race, she finds herself singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”. 
No I am not kidding. If you don’t believe me, buy the book. It’s on page 45. ☺ 

So really, I should have known. Anyone who quotes The Wizard of Oz in her book is a friend in my book.

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