Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Work, work, work

Well apparently going back to college is pretty much a full-time job...except I pay them instead of getting paid. It all feels quite backwards after almost a decade of being in the work-world. I know what I am doing is important and it has become important to me (plus I am enjoying it) but man, it is a LOT of work, and I finding myself with very little energy left for much else, be it social, volunteer work, or otherwise. 

And then MS will rear up its ugly head for no reason (with worsening of symptoms or the short-lived new symptom) and then I have to force myself to stop and Rest because I have vowed I am NOT going to relapse AGAIN in 2008. 2 in 1 year is quite enough, thank you very much. I really want to be able to go a whole year without relapsing, but Baby Steps...I WILL make it to 2009! 
It is going to take some re-prioritizing for sure if I plan on continuing school next semester, which I do for now. I am going to have to cut back on activities and not accept new things that will add time, stress and take away my spoons (I just declined serving on the Steering/Host Committee for "Music, Mummies, Martinis for MS 2009" and I hated it, but frankly I know it would be a lot of time/energy that I don't have right now). It it really hard because I like being busy even though my body doesn't anymore. Plus I hate saying no to people and things I love. But I have to look at the bigger goals of A) getting my college degree and B) staying healthy! 

So sorry this is short and probably disjointed. I have 3 major papers due Soon and an exam Friday another Monday. College is a LOT of work! I guess that's why they don't just hand out degrees for a nominal fee somewhere. 
Like all great things in life, you have to really work for it. 
Much love always...XOXO

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