Monday, December 8, 2008

Uninvited guests

Chris and I went to Shepherd Center on Friday. The ROCK STAR Tracy Walker was able to see me and she was equally unhappy that the oral steroids haven't done diddly-squat. She was also pretty unhappy that this is my third round of steroids this year. Soooo, 

Short Term Plan: get a round of IV-steroids going asap. waiting on nurses to schedule me and get on over here and hook me up! 

Long Term Plan: go back to Shepherd on Jan. 5th for an MRI to see what the heck is happening in my crazy brain and then reevaluate whether or not to change my maintenance (magical) injectable drugs. Perhaps the one I am one isn't jiving with my body chemistry as well as it should. Luckily there are still 3 more I can try!  

The MonSter is just being extremely stubborn this go-round. Apparently it is trying to get invited to Christmas dinner or something but that is NOT going to happen because I am licking this thing before the holidays so I can actually enjoy them! I already spent Thanksgiving weekend balled up on the couch, and I ain't losing another holiday, so I will gladly let nurses stick needles in my veins for another few days if it will make the MonSter pack up its bags and move out! 
Don't you just hate uninvited holiday guests?? 

Oh! and one last favor while I am thinking about it. After Round Two of steroids this week my body is going to be pretty immune-compromised. Not Bubble Girl compromised or anything, but more suppressed than normal. So I ask that you remember me cautiously especially if you have been sick. My body won't be able to fight off much in the way of colds and flu, etc. So no hugs and kisses if you have been coughing and sneezing! We can do air kisses from across the room. And I will try and be extra good about washing my hands and keeping the Purell close by! Thanks and will post again soon...

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Kempton Mooney said...

I promise a big air kiss when I see you. I'm coming into ATL next Monday and am in for a week. will see you soon......