Saturday, March 7, 2009

Awareness Fact #7

On this final day of MS Awareness Week I leave with you this...
There are currently several FDA approved treatments for slowing the progression of MS and the National MS Society recommends treatment with one of these disease modifying drugs as soon as possible after being diagnosed in order to help maintain a FABulous quality of life for as long as possible!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful team of doctors and nurses that help me navigate my treatment options in order to manage my MS and help me to do the things I want to do.

Though there is no cure...yet...I have hope that one day we will know a world free of MS. And on that day I will invite you all to a Wearing Red Shoes Dance of Joy event, in which we will...well, wear our red shoes, and dance for joy that the MonSter has been eliminated forever!!!


*sparkle* said...

i love the way you used your blog to take action for MS! ...another one of the ways you take action for MS ;)

invite me to the party!! i'll get some red shoes just for the occasion! ;D

Karen said...

I'm ready for this party!!! I think I'll go out and get some new red shoes and a party dress now!