Sunday, May 31, 2009

As promised...

As most of you know by now, I have trouble with my eyes. After 2+ years I still have constant double vision, which is sometimes corrected by prism glasses and/or by closing one eye. Sometimes not. I also now have this severe dry eye thing (cause still unknown, but my docs are now referring to me as "Possible Sjogren's Syndrome" which cracks me up. I mean, can I also be a "Possible Rock Star"? or "Possible Queen of the Universe"? I mean, really aren't I a "Possible" anything-I-want-to be??? haha. Certainly I would choose something better than "Possible Sjogren's". I digress....). So the dry eyes are so bad that my corneas have become involved and I have to have them checked alot for signs of scarring, blah blah. So when your eyes are severely dry they hurt alot and can cause blurred vision to boot.

By about 8pm on any given day I have a lot of trouble seeing. This completely clashes with the fact that, much like my dad and my brother Van, I have always been a night owl. I love night time. I am most often hit with the urge to write after 10pm.

The point (long-winded, mind you) is that I often end up writing blog posts at 11PM with my eyes basically closed, preserving moisture and not being distracted by two of everything on the screen. Fortunately I touch type fairly well. Maybe 80% accuracy or so. But being the perfectionist I am, I prefer 100% when it comes to spelling and grammar! So I have wonderful friends that proof-read for me and correct my typos, so I can better spend my limited eye power on things like, driving to the grocery store and dong my math homework! :-)

One of my "editors" is my dear friend Jen (who many years ago also taught me the power of shift+F7, to which I credit the majority of my A papers in college this past year!). Jen recently edited a post for me and along with her edit, she commented that what my blog needed was some pictures! So last week I took a few around the house of places I escape to when I need zen! Sorry, none of me yet, but maybe I will work up to that. :-)

In my "office" hanging above the window...
the 3 words that get me through good and bad days!

This is Oscar.
We got him and named him when I was 12 years old.
He has been with me ever since, even when I could only afford a tiny apartment, there would be a couch, a bed and Oscar! I still play as much as my hands and eyes will allow and it is truly one of the things that fills my soul with joy! Note that even Oscar has been decorated. Nothing in my house is safe from red shoes!!!

A shot from my office.
I am not obsessed or anything, right?

Standing in the doorway of my office.
My awesome new TV (thanks Chris!), plus several gorgeous Oz posters I have been given over the years (thank you Chris, Betsey and Angela!)

I will try to make more an effort to put fun pics up now and then. Thanks Jen for helping make my blog more colorful with your great ideas! (and sorry I didn't let you proof this one...I wanted you to be surprised!)



Jennifer said...

yay - now THAT's what i'm talking about!!! :) i AM surprised..and excited...i think all of us readers will enjoy seeing the things that make our dear caroline happy. :)


Karen said...

There's no "possible" in you being Queen of the Universe, it's already happened!