Friday, May 8, 2009


I am sorry this particular post is so late, but just had to take a moment to share...not only was Team Wearing Red Shoes the largest team in the Marietta Walk this year, with 57 members, but we were also this year's top fundraisers as well raising $13,491!!

Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you to all of our walkers, our wonderful supporters and donors.

I hope that we will only grow and grow each year with red shoes taking over the Marietta Square...then the state of Georgia...the entire country....maybe even the world!!!

This past Sunday was my 2 year dx anniversary, a day which I wish I could forget, but unfortunately I am very good with dates. It is a hard day for me, and filled with many emotions. Chris and I had a quiet day together, going out to lunch and going shopping and other small things to distract me from being bummed out.

There are so many wonderful days throughout the year that are worth celebrating: people's birthdays and anniversarys, holidays spent with family and friends. The anniversary of a diagnosis of an incurable disease is slightly less worth celebrating. It is more of a "this is the day your life as you knew it changed forever" and while I know that MS is just another card in my deck now, it has a way of finding its way to the top of that deck more often than I would like! The MonSter is such an attention-stealing drama queen!!!

So I have lived with the MonSter in my house and in my life for two years, and while I have had more relapses than I or my doctors would like to see, I also have not had any significant disability progression, i.e. I am at the same level of basic functioning that I was 2 years ago. And I am grateful for that, I really truly am.

It helped alot that the walk was so close to this icky day, and the memories of what an awesome day it was were still fresh in my mind. I mean, not only did we take over Marietta in our red, raise a TON of $$$ and have the largest team on the square, but I got to sing the national anthem!!!! That has been on my "lifelong to-do list" since I was around 10 or 11 years old! What a fabulous way to check that one off the list.

Thank you again everyone for making WalkMS 2009 such a wonderful, memorable day!
Lots and lots of love,

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Amanda Moran-Georgia Chapter said...

And an absolutely WONDERFUL National Anthem it was.
We are honored to have your share your voice with everyone at Walk MS: Marietta AND Atlanta.