Monday, June 28, 2010

100% Cancer-Free!

Finally some good news!
All 8 of the lymph nodes they biopsied came back clean and they also got clean margins from the re-excision of my tumor site. No more cancer for me!

I am one week post-op and coming along. The swelling is going down, there's some bruising, we've made it through washing the southern hemisphere of my head but the northern hemisphere still hurts too much to touch. Staples and stitches are due to come out Friday if they continue to heal well. I'm still pretty tired as my body heals and I am doing my best to take it easy and let people help me. Mostly the MonSter is playing nice, though having major surgery is something that can trigger him to rear his nasty head. I try not to think about that and just focus on resting, healing and staying inside where there is lots of A/C!!

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers.
We appreciate them more than you know.


Mandi said...

Good to hear, Caroline!!

Alice Gertzman said...

Holy crap, Caroline, I just can't leave you unattended for a minute, can I? Somehow I'd missed this latest drama. I am so sorry to hear that, instead of spending your post-commencemenet days in relaxed leisure, you have had to undergo even more trauma. But it sounds like you've moved out of the dark and into the light again, and I am so grateful. And filled, as always, with love and admiration for you. Your tribute to your dad(s) was just beautiful, but really--YOU are the true Rock Star of all time! Love to you and Chris!