Friday, June 18, 2010

Melanoma Melodrama

My brother gave me that title for this episode of my life.

Hopefully someday soon we will all look back and laugh about the ridiculousness of the "Melanoma Melodrama."
In the meantime, my surgery is this Monday, June 21st. I will basically be at the hospital all day but I luckily don't have to spend the night. First, they will inject me with some sort of radioactive dye (between the PET scan and now this I am surely going to turn into some sort of superhero - aren't there a lot that began with exposure to radioactive material?) After that I have to sit and wait for the dye to spread from the tumor site down into my lymph nodes then they put me under, take a bunch of my little lymph nodes out, cut out a bunch more of my scalp, then they attempt to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. The plastic surgeon who is sewing me up isn't sure what methods he will have to use, as he will decide that based on how much scalp the oncologist leaves for him to work with! (gross, I know.)

Thank you for all the emails, cards, phone calls. We really appreciate it. And thank you for all the offers for food, help with chores, driving, etc - we will be taking everyone up on them once we know a bit more what we need.

Send happy thoughts my way on Monday. I go under around 2pm and the whole thing should take around 3 hours...and then we are on our way to leave the Melanoma Melodrama behind us once and for all.

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