Friday, September 17, 2010

The Power of the Con

Living in the midst of an 'Aftermath' can be exhausting. Not only is your body working hard on healing itself but your psyche is working just as hard to put the broken pieces back together. It is alot of work, it can make your head spin sometimes and you can feel stuck in the mud worrying you may never get out again.

While I believe you have to wade through the muck before you can fully appreciate what's on the other side, sometimes you just need a break from all that mess. You need to remember what its like to just have some fun. Sometimes you need a muck-free weekend
My muck-free weekend was DragonCon.

Yes, its true: I am a geek, a nerd, a dweeb, a sci-fi-freak. I love all things Star Trek and Star Wars, vampires, werewolves and superheroes. I come from a long line of self-professed dorks.
On Labor Day weekend thousands of nerds just like me take over downtown Atlanta attending parties, seminars, panels, contests on their favorite comic books, movies, TV shows and books. Last Friday my Dad and I went and enjoyed some of the best people-watching in the country, we checked out the dealer rooms and we might have even snagged a Star Trek actor's autograph. On Saturday we attended the annual DragonCon parade with a bunch of friends. If you have never been, go ahead and make plans to go next year. There is not a more impressive display of geek-ness anywhere in the world, plus the costumes are insanely awesome.

On Sunday, Chris, Van, our fellow geek-friend Rebecca and I all dressed up (yes, in costumes) and marched down for an afternoon at "The Con." Here's a picture of us.
The result of all this was twofold:

1) We had So. Much. Fun. for 4 hours I forgot that I just went through horrible surgery and survived cancer. For 4 hours I forgot that I have MS. Its so rare to have several hours at a time when this happens and when it does I am so grateful for it I could just burst into tears.

2) We discovered that dressing as superheroes at a convention full of nerd gets you a lot of attention! There we were just walking through hotel lobbies and complete strangers would come up asking to take our picture. I cannot even count how many pictures we posed for, but there is a real chance it surpassed a hundred. I kept thinking, this is the closest I will ever feel to being a celebrity! It was the self-esteem boost I needed. Having recently felt so self-conscious about the new scars on my face and my ravaged scalp, I cannot tell you how much it meant to just feel that I could look normal - okay, well maybe not 'normal' but we did look good!

The makeup is long gone and my long black wig has been put away. My scars are still pink and fairly visible, my hair is thinning, my scalp is covered with scabs and with bright red new skin forming where scabs were and then there are the ever-so-attractive bald patches. But even with all of that, I find that I feel a little bit better looking in the mirror today that I have in months.

For 4 hours I got to be a comic book character, a crime fighter. And even with my costume now hanging in the closet I feel like I could kick ass and take names and not look half bad doing it.

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Jennifer said...

you look hot! i have no idea who that character is, but i'm digging the black hair and bangs. :)