Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pain Scale

To date, I have drafted 4 different blog posts on the subject of "pain."
I have never been able to finish any of them for two reasons:

1. The pain interrupts me during every rough draft and every rewrite and the mere thought of sitting down to edit/write/rewrite makes my pain spike out of control since sitting and typing makes my herniated disc very angry.
2. I keep trying to write eloquently about Pain.

I have since concluded that there is nothing eloquent about Pain and for now, I give up trying to write about it in such a way. There are no words that can capture the true nature of relentless, mind-numbing, bone-jarring, cruel and intense pain.

Which is to say: Pain sucks. It sucks really really bad.

It affects everything I do and every decision I make all day long. The choice of whether to stand and eat my dinner versus sit on the floor versus sit in a chair leaves me in the kitchen holding onto my plate with tears streaming down my face, because I am so afraid of choosing the wrong thing which will lead to agonizing pain for hours to follow. If I have to live at this level of chronic pain for too much longer I think I'm going to lose my mind.

I am over it. I am so totally over it.
There are no words to describe how over it I am.

So I will merely leave you with this, courtesy of my friend Kimmy, which is the closest I have found to capturing the true nature of pain, while still being funny at the same time. Mind you, it is a sick, twisted sort of funny.

(Note: The following contains adult language and mildly disturbing cartoon stick figures. Viewer discretion is advised.) Alternate Pain Scale.

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Casey said...

Love the alternate!!! I know that migraines and MS are not the same, at all, but I love this scale!
I do NOT love that you suffer pain - paid DOES suck!