Monday, July 30, 2007

3 down, 2 to go

Well I started the IVIG infusion on Saturday morning, Round Two was Sunday morning and Round Three began 8:30 this morning and so far so good. My nurse's name is Sam, a kind, soft-spoken man originally from Nigeria. He is an IVIG Expert. The only thing he does is drive all over GA giving these infusions, so he knows all the common side effects, what to look for and how to prevent them. He checks my blood pressure about 50 times during the 3 hour infusion. Apparently a drop in blood pressure would be the first sign of something going wrong. Also he checks my temperature a lot. So far, both have been completely normal. yippee!

So, my veins...they like to plan hide-and-seek with nurses. They are extremely hard to find, but I have to give Sam only took him 2 stabs, which for my stubborn veins is an IV record! He is good at what he does. So far the worst part has been the headache on Day Two, but Sam came to rescue and told me that if I took a little Benedryl and Tylenol it would help (I had taken Tylenol with no improvement). He was right on the money! When I woke up Monday morning headache was completely gone. I don't know how the chemistry of all this works, but if I don't have to be in pain, I will glady take a little antihistamine!

I usually leave IV's in (did I mention my veins like to hide from nurses?) to avoid the painful process of "Vein Digging" but today we took the tubes out because my left arm was starting to get a little swollen and painful. Nothing to be worried about- it was just tired of bearing the burden. So tomorrow Righty takes over for Days Four & Five. Seems only fair, right?

3 days down, 2 to go...

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