Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Annoying Boa

Every time I think I have this thing under control it throws me another damn curveball. Grrrr!

I should be grateful really. I mean, so far all my MS-related symptoms aren't really life-shattering. Well, the lack of single vision stinks pretty bad, but I do really believe in my heart that my vision will come back to normal eventually. So vision aside, I should be grateful. So far my symptoms are mainly just annoying:

My arms and/or legs decide to go numb for a few hours or even a couple days = Annoying. I walk slowly and carefully, I park in the handicapped spot, but it's manageable.

The pins and needles, the "ants crawling under my skin", all the sensory disturbances = Annoying. I am constantly convinced there is a bug crawling somewhere on me, and even after 4+ months I still have to check to be sure there isn't one!! haha

My hair falling out as a side effect of the stress to my body and medication changes = Annoying. It doesn't look like I will be sporting the "Jean Luc Picard" anytime soon, so that is very good.

So this week we add to the list the Annoying Boa, as in Boa Constrictor. This new exciting symptom popped up last week and has reared its ugly head about 4-5 times now since then. Basically, my brain starts sending messages to my abdominal muscles and the muscles in/around my ribcage to contract for no reason whatsoever except to annoy me. Its like when you run and get a cramp in your side - it kinda feels like that.

The first time it happened, I was convinced I was having acute appendicitis. Then Chris reminded me that my appendix was on the Other Side of my body...oops! Sometimes it hurts just on one side, sometimes it literally feels as if a Boa Constrictor has wrapped itself around my torso/ribcage and is squeezing for dear life. It's Very Annoying. Apparently some MSer's call it the "MS Hug". Well I am NOT calling it that! There is nothing nice nor friendly about it, so I went with The Boa instead.

When the Boa visits, I try to become "Yoga Caroline" and sit on the floor and stretch my torso all around and focus on deep breathing and sometimes that helps, or at least relaxes me to where it doesn't hurt as much. I also find that if all else fails a nice glass of wine makes you care a little bit less that the Boa is visiting.
Actually, a nice glass of wine helps with most things in life.
Or if it doesn't...there's always the entire bottle. ;-)

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