Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chariots & Roid Rage!

In comedy, timing is everything. When I used to perform and act in shows I was always known for having superb comic timing. It would seem that my timing is still in tact, though at the moment it feels more like dark comedy!

I have been battling vertigo and "brain mud" for well over a week, and last Wednesday afternoon both my thighs lit on fire from the inside out and wouldn't give up. After living through 4 MS relapses in my (almost) 2 years with the disease I am starting to learn its patterns and signals and sadly, each and every relapse has involved vertigo, brain mud and burning nerve pain in my legs (among other things, too sometimes!) So I went to Shepherd Center Friday morning (thanks Alice for chauffeuring me!!!!) and Dr. Loring agreed it looked and sounded like a bit of a flare-up and suggested hitting getting 3 days of IV steroids infusion going ASAP.

The timing could not be worse (like I said dark comedy. Very dark comedy).

WalkMS was yesterday and our team of over 50 people raised over $12,700 and as their team captain I was supposed to be leading them to victory at the finish line and celebrating alongside them as they have all supported me in my journey with the MonSter.

Instead I "walked" by riding in a wheelchair borrowed from Kennestone hospital (it was red though! Way to go Dad for finding a red chair!!!) I can still walk, no need for alarm, but my doctors strongly advised against walking 3 miles while in the midst of this relapse. I am weak and dizzy and it was not wise to try and push my body past its limits right now. So I rode in style, pushed along by my family and friends in a beautifully decorated red chair, while wearing my red shirt and fabulous red shoes. It was certainly not how I envisioned WalkMS 2009, but after I swallowed my pride about not being able to "walk" in the Walk, it turned out to be a simply beautiful day with my very favorite people in the world.

So I just finished the final day of my IV infusion and am fighting a bit of the steroid blues: irritable, heart racing out of my chest, violent mood swings, and the lovely metallic taste in my mouth. Ah, the joys of Solu-Medrol. haha! Tomorrow the crash will begin and by Wed the light at the end of tunnel will appear. I am still too dizzy to drive (or walk through my house without falling into walls!) but I have lots of friends who have offered their chaffeur services until I feel myself again.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and a special thank you to the amazing Team Wearing Red Shoes...Top fundraisers for WalkMS Marietta two years running!!!! I love you all so very much!

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