Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wearing Red Shoes

This is a picture of me, in October 1985 spraying my very first pair of red shoes so I could dress up as Dorothy that Halloween. Dad's legs are supervising in the background as I do some sort of modified dance move, spraying and glittering my shoes.

It is so amazing to me that so many people have joined the red-shoe-wearing/red-shoe-spraying movement to join for WalkMS 2009. And those that aren't able to join us have donated to support us and it means more to me than I could ever say. (I am still working through my thank you notes and emails! Yours is coming!!)

I think I say it alot, but no one fights a disease like MS alone. It takes a village of support, a network of family and friends to cheer you on with their encouraging words when you feel down, their chaffeuring skills when you can't see, their baked goods as you undergo treatment, their patient ears when you need to talk...most importantly, you need to be surrounded with people who make you laugh, and who love you just as you are...flawed, imperfect and in constant battle with a MonSter who never plays by the rules. I am so lucky, so unbelievably blessed to have so many people in my life who provide so much love and laughter and support for me every single day.

Its not too late to join our party this Saturday, April 18th:

C'mon...you know you wanna put on those red shoes!
(I am seriously thinking about trademarking this phrase!! haha)

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