Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Long Detours

I am feeling a bit dejected today.
I think I am just tired. I recently went up to my full dose of Betaseron and it has me feeling less than stellar. My left foot has been numb on and off all day and I keep tripping over it. And the icing on the cake: My vision still isn't back to normal after 8 weeks.

Dr. Thrower told me the typical lifespan of an MS "episode" (or, "detour" as one of my bestest friends calls it) is 4-6 weeks. So naturally, being the over-acheiver that I am I assumed I would have this thing licked in 4 weeks easy.
And here we are having just passed the 8 week mark with 9 fast approaching and I have to wonder WHY am I not healing faster??? It must be because my brain is SO incredibly large that it takes at least double the normal time to heal...right? ;-)

I met with an Occupational Therapist at Shepherd Center on Monday who told me that while there isn't anything I can do to heal my brain (except be patient) there are exercises I can do to strengthen my eye muscles, hopefully giving me more than 2 hours per day of decent vision with one eye patched. It's sort of like Eye Aerobics!

At any rate my follow up with Dr. T is Friday the 29th at which time if I still can't see straight then I am hoping he will just sprinkle me with his MS Fairy Dust which he reserves for only his most favorite patients and I will be all better.
Wouldn't that be nice. :-)

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