Monday, March 17, 2008

*quick update*

After a weekend filled with stumbling, walking into walls and generally looking like a drunk person AND the added bonus of an arm on fire I called Shepherd back this morning. The could see me in TWO weeks. I said No thanks. I called my favorite nurse Ralph back. He called me back. Said he could fit me in Thursday but was still trying to get me in even sooner to be evaluated. I have no clue how they will evaluate whether or not this is a true "relapse" (aka "flare-up", "exacerbation", "detour", etc). Maybe they will scan my brain? Or just decide based on my new symptoms? Will they put more needles and tubes in my arms and pump me full of exciting drugs?? I dunno...

I am new at this relapse business as I was really hoping for that type of MS that is known as "benign"...where you have an inital smattering of symptoms that slowly fade over time and then go 10 or 15 years without ever having any other problems. I am beginning to think "benign MS" is a mythical creature that only exists in fairytales. Or at any rate, it doesn't exist in my fairytale. Mine is more the ugly, fire-breathing dragon that even after you stab it with the magical sword never quite seems to die!

Local folks: I may be calling upon you this week for Mommy is out of town :-( and I have been far too dizzy to drive. might need some grocery help and/or food procurement and/or chaffeuring and/or ice cream and chocolate to beat the relapse blues! Will be buggin yall soon.

Happy St. Patricks Day! May the luck of Irish be with us all!

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Renee said...

I'm home all day, so please call me if you need anything!